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We are about Revolution, not Evolution

Our guiding principles encourage trail-blazing innovation while looking beyond simple incremental improvements.  Bragi has a long tradition of ambitious research & strategic relationships with forward thinking government, industry and academic institutions.


Our emphasis on leap-ahead technology solutions not only differentiate our offerings, but also attracts the people actively interested in solving global challenges in the fields of aero & hydro propulsion, and green power generation.

Glass Buildings
Glass Buildings


Bragi, in Norse mythology, is son of the god Odin, and known for his wisdom and prowess with poetry and music. Bragi means “Poet” and comes from the word “Bragr” which means “Poetry”, as well the Vikings would call their poets ‘bragamen’ or ‘bragawoman’. The company Bragi also values the importance of good foundations, as we too leverage wisdom & creativity to attract talent - the modern equivalent of the poets of old. The Norse admiration of music & poetry to convey ideas, reflects our similar use of designs & developments to introduce our ideas. Our 'poetry' revolves about technology integrations and how our unique offerings influence their environments. Like Bragi wisdom, our knowledge base is commensurate with considerable cumulative founders years of experience, while inextricably coupled to the exuberance of youthful team members. It seems that our professional life aspirations, are not too unlike the poets, composers and musicians of old, as we too leverage this wonderful play of views to guide our future accomplishments.


In the times of old, cartographers illustrated dragons on their maps. These dragons represented the unknown, or even worse, danger. This didn't stop the mariners of the time from taking to the seas and challenging those dangers. Bragi is doing much the same in pursuit of developing Hubless vortex technology. The only difference is, we know what the challenges are, they are not unknown to us. We've set our course; we have the compass. We're off to conquer the dragons.

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